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Before Buying a Cask, Please Make Sure You Have Read and Understood Our Terms and Conditions of Supply.

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  • All casks will be laid down in the summer of 2022 (matured and insured for up to 5 years), subject to planning permission and fund-raising.

  • You will receive a cask(s) of rum which matches its description, even if the fund-raising project fails. Please see the Product Page, which sets out a description of each rum style contained in a cask.

  • A significant proportion of the purchase price will be used to fund and construct the project.

  • In the event we are unsuccessful in completing the Project, you will receive a cask(s) containing rum which matches its description, but if we have been unable to build our tropical maturation biome, then we may not be able to tropically mature your cask(s). However, we will find an alternative facility in which we will mature and insure your cask for up to 5 years.

  • Please read our FAQ’s for further information.